The PAP reintegration phase is driven through these units


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Information/Call Center

The PAP information Centre (Call Centre) was established as the first responder to the issues of PAP beneficiaries. It serves as a link between the stakeholders, delegates, and the public for information about the office. The Unit manages all phone calls as well as email enquiries. The issues and/or complaints of delegates are thereafter forwarded […]
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Vocational Training Unit

The Vocational Training Unit is mandated to carry out all activities that will lead delegates under the Presidential Amnesty Programme to acquire various vocational skills whether onshore or offshore. RESPONSIBILITIES Participate in the vendor selection process by making a comprehensive analysis of proposal. Make inputs in the evaluation committee and tenders board meeting. Liaise with […]
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Post Training and Empowerment Unit

The Post-Training & Empowerment (PTE) Unit under the Reintegration department of the Presidential Amnesty Programme allows for the exploration of different pilot schemes in entrepreneurship and wealth creation as the end point of the Reintegration Programme. The unit’s responsibility is to ensure that delegates are empowered in line with the mandate and vision of the […]
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Education Unit

The PAP Education unit was established in 2011 for the formal education of delegates of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. There are two sections of the Education Unit, Onshore and Offshore. Officers of the Unit are referred to as Relationship Managers. FUNCTIONS: The unit is responsible for the management of all PAP beneficiaries in various institutions […]
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Job Placement – IDPE Unit

Job placement is a vital component of every DDR Programme like the PAP and accounts for the feasible aspect of sustainable reintegration. The Job Placement and International Development Partners Engagement (JP-IDPE) was created in May 2018 to address the unemployment needs of PAP graduates and vocational skill trained beneficiaries. The unit is saddled with the […]
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Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Unit

The Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Unit functions primarily as an interface between the Presidential Amnesty Programme and the Ex-Agitators (Delegates). Responsibilities include resolution of inter/intra camp conflicts, data/financial irregularities, verification of ex-militants and others. The unit organizes peace building workshops, interactive sessions, and mediation meetings aimed at maintaining working or cordial relationships with Niger […]
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To contribute to security stabilization in the Niger Delta through the disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and sustainable re-integration of ex-militants as a precondition for medium and long term development

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