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Stipends are paid on the 25th of every month.

Write formally to the Office stating your request and reason for the change. NOTE: Your camp leader must counter-sign the application. Thereafter, forward your application with your UN Code, Amnesty Certificate, Identification Card, and a recent passport to the office.

The PAP does not give loans to its beneficiaries neither does the PAP guarantee loans for beneficiaries. Any loan transaction is solely between the beneficiary and his bank. The office is not involved in any way.

Yes, you can. Write officially stating the reason for change. Forward your application with your UN Code, Amnesty Certificate, Identification Card, and a recent passport to the office. Your application must contain the old phone number and the new phone number you want to update or change. You may send your request to or to any of our liaison offices closest to you.

Write a formal petition to the Office and attach all relevant documents to back your claim. Send your petition to the PAP Office or any of our liaison offices closest to you.

NOTE: Some camps have a signed agreement with the office to allow for bulk payment through their leader, this is an usually internal arrangement by the camp on how its members are paid. This arrangement is sacrosanct.

At this time, the Next of Kin to the deceased should be able to lay claim to the slot/account data provided it is done through the proper procedures. Requirements are:

  1. Request letter to the Administrator
  2. A copy of the death certificate
  3. Affidavit
  4. Letter of administration from the court
  5. Letter of authorization from family of applicant.
  6. Copy of obituary notice of the deceased.

If you were adequately captured on the training and/or payment list, then it means there is a glitch somewhere and with the right documentation and evidence we should get you back on track in no time.

Yes, your details can be changed or corrected if you meet the requirements needed to make the change/corrections effectively and legally.

Such requirements may include, but not limited to, a written application addressed to the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, original copy of a court affidavit, an original letter from your bank stating the problem with your existing account.

No, the leader does not have the right to change the account details of delegates registered under his camp. However, if a delegate wishes to authorize the camp leader to do so on his/her behalf, the delegate must have the required documents for proper confirmation.

No. The PAP does not have the authority to manufacture new slots outside the thirty thousand (30,000) capacity mark. Only the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can permit inclusion or reinstatement.

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