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Job vacancies will be announced via our social media platforms and the website

Collection of employment letters solely depends on the employer. Every employer has a specific employment process or selection procedure. Also, the PAP does not influence or change an employer’s recruitment process.

Yes. When you start receiving your monthly salary, which will be more than N65,000.

The job placement is an interest-based service. Once a delegate indicates interest and is placed, it goes on record that the PAP has placed him/her; this means that it is a one time/one-off opportunity. 

Yes. There is provision for support allowances for employed delegates, payable after submission of Job Confirmation Form (JCF) and Legal Agreement form (LA).

We source for job opportunities within the private and public sectors. International partners are not left out. 

Yes, you can, our graduate delegates are advised to send their details and CVs for profiling after graduation. Send your CV and other required documents to

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