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VISION – To transform ex-agitators into entrepreneurs and/or employable citizens who will become net contributors to the economy of the region and the country through effective collaboration with relevant public and private institutions and state governments in the region.


  • Restore the mandate of the Amnesty programme to its original intent and take service to the Niger Delta where the ex-agitators are domiciled.
  • Train the ex-agitators to become entrepreneurs who will act as agents of change to reverse the narrative of a people dependent on stipends but to self-actualised employers of labour and net contributors to the economic prosperity of the Niger Delta.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with relevant agencies set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria to complement the efforts of the Amnesty Programme to ensure the development and security of the Niger Delta in line with the broader Amnesty Package.
  • Ultimately, work with the various governments in the region we can make the Niger Delta the most secure place to live and do business in Nigeria.
Ex-agitators & youth from Niger Delta impacted communities.
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Ex-agitators who accepted the Federal Government’s amnesty offer and registered for the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Programme, and youth from Niger Delta impacted communities.



Repentant militants from the Niger Delta voluntarily surrendered their weapons to the Federal Government in 2009. Arms and ammunition from over 29, 000 ex-militants were recovered.


Essential information on the background and stations of the disarmed ex-militants were collected. They were then counseled, trained, documented and they were enrolled into the Programme.


It is our mandate to reintegrate beneficiaries fully into the society after training and empowering them to the status of entrepreneurs and/or employable citizens who will become net contributors to the economy of the region.

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To contribute to security stabilization in the Niger Delta through the disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and sustainable re-integration of ex-militants as a precondition for medium and long term development

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