Here is what a few of our beneficiaries are saying.

My training experience was fun, it was a good place to be because she made learning easy for everybody. At Oburua, when I registered, I indicated that I wanted to be trained in welding so when they called me for fashion and design, I was reluctant because I didn’t believe I could do it; that is operate sewing machine, but when I got to the training she made learning easy for me, In a situation whereby someone like me was not interested in fashion and design, the person could do the one they liked because it was not only me, it was like that for everybody, so I thank God. I put my mind, I concentrated on the training and thank God I did well.

Miebi Samuel

Shoe & Fashion Designer

The presidency has really tried for Niger Delta. Before now, it was all about war. You hear this had happened here or there, but now we can do what others are doing, we can see things ourselves and contribute to the economy of the country which before now we were known for destruction. We could destroy, but now we are rebuilding, no more destruction. So now the economy of the country is boosting up as a result of what the presidential amnesty has put in place by training us the youth. Remembering 2009 when the federal government bombarded the Niger delta militants then the President Yar’Adua asked us to embrace the amnesty programme, we did and since we embraced it, we have been taken for training, and other things. There I learnt how to build fibre boats.

Kidabawei Timiepiri Friday

Fiber builder

I am from Ozobo Community in Delta state. Today is the 17th convocation of Igbinedion university. I convocated last year, which was the 16th convocation anniversary. I happened to be the overall best graduating student and I am a delegate of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. Life was not easy. If you look at my age, I am above 40. Life was not easy in the Niger Delta, the riverine communities, especially where I come from. Because of the oil exploration in those areas, life became very unbearable, no fishes in our rivers, no more production again, so poverty was reigning everywhere. There was no one to support me until I was called to train for JAMB. By God’s grace I did very well. After I graduated under the Presidential Amnesty Programme, there was hope that at least I will fit in somewhere. I had the desire to further my education, fortunately, I was selected by the Amnesty office because of my excellent result, and I was given the opportunity to get my Masters, sponsored by the Amnesty Programme. Again, because of my performance, the school offered me an appointment as a lecturer; a graduate assistant in the Department of Political Science. By the grace of God, I believe my students are enjoying me. To the upcoming students under the Presidential Amnesty programme, I will say it takes determination. I used to be part of various student unions: I belonged to student unions, the Presidential Amnesty Programme has its own Students Union, even Delta state Students Union, they take me as a father, so I encourage them. The Programme is a good programme. There are a lot of people who are even more intellectually better than I am but because they do not have the opportunity, many are languishing in the creeks. With the aid of this Programme, today I am here, I am a lecturer in this highly esteemed University. So, I encourage the Federal Government to continue with this programme because it will bring more intellectuals from our region.


Lecturer, Igbinedion University

My name is Anikasa John. I am 41 years old. I attended Akankotu primary school, and Oposa grammar school. I dropped out in 1994. When I finished secondary school, I did not do anything before this farming business. Far back in 2009, I lived in the creeks because I was in the gun business. Then, I was very rough, we were battling with Federal Government people day and night till we took up Amnesty. After I accepted the Federal Government Amnesty, I went for training in Obubura, when I finished, they called me for fish farming training in Abraka for one month, then I was now empowered with about seven hundred thousand naira (N700, 000.00) That is what I used to start up my business again. If I am not mistaken I have almost 19 ponds here and I harvest my fish about 20, 000 fish every 3 months and two weeks. I have a meal for them which I mix myself. I use fish meal, bread corn, water, yeast, beans, many things so far. Before I harvest, my customers call me all the time from Bayelsa, Ibiama, from Ugheli, Oruruhu, Idu road, Ekpanga side, anywhere there is market, town, inside Warri, Ibuzo market, they come from there. When I harvest my fish and sell, sometimes I get up to N9million from it and I use the money to invest in my other businesses – I do pig meal, chicken farm and other ventures I use to support the fish farm. I thank the President of Nigeria and I thank the Presidential Amnesty Programme because this opportunity I have, many people did not see or get it. I am saying thanks for that and I encourage my colleagues to start this farming business as it will not give them room to continue with the bad things. It is a rich business.

Anikasa John

Fish Farmer

My name is My name is Obinele Chimehe. I am from Bkana Degema and I am one of the Amnesty beneficiaries in SkyTraine. I am in Subuma’s camp I am doing Argon welding. I started on 17th April 2019. I came to acquire a skill based on pipeline and argon welding. The training here is very good, at least it is the first time I am experiencing this. When I started, though I was shaking a little bit, but as time went on, I improved in my skills. I have done bending of pipes, I have done my 2G pipe positioning, have graduated to 6G and I am in the finishing part of the 5G positioning. I just want to say that I am happy with this kind of skill I am acquiring because they say an idle man is the devil’s workshop, now I have acquired this skill, I can go into oil and gas based on pipe welding and other stuff, I know I can do a very good job. My being here has exposed to so many ways of being a good person and the Presidential Amnesty Programme has given me an opportunity to learn a skill and today I am a proud pipeline welder. I also want to use this opportunity to thank our President Buhari for this opportunity given to us. I also want to thank the coordinator of Amnesty Programme for this opportunity given to us. I pray that as I graduate from here that God will give me an opportunity to work in a company that I will showcase my skill for the world to see what I can do as a youth.


Argon welder

My name Porbeoi Emmanuel Dakore. I am from Abari, in Patani Local government area in Delta State. I’m 21 years old and the first son of three (3) boys. I came into the Amnesty Programme in the year 2014, had just finished secondary school then. I finished secondary school in 2013 and I applied to Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti and got admission. Five years ago, when I got to the school, I did not have any dream or hope, I just wanted to go to school for going to school sake, but with the help of the programme and everything now I have a dream, I have a vision, I have what I want do, I have what I want to achieve in life. The whole opportunity as been so great for me. I started as a timid boy in 100Level my first year in school, now I have so much hope, I ended up with a first-class degree in Electrical Engineering. I also ended up as the president of my College (College of Engineering) now I have so much hope and aspirations for the future going forward. I have a lot of things I want to do for the Niger Delta and for Nigeria at large. All things been equal by God’s grace I will like to be the youngest senator in Nigeria. I want to be a senator at 38 or 40 years old. I am 21 years old now I have 17 to 20 years to work towards that. That is my dream; I want to impact as many lives as possible. I am currently working on a personal project of mine. It is called Predictive Maintenance, where in industries we can use information from sensors and other things in the industry to predict when machines are due for maintenance, instead of having scheduled or periodic maintenance you can actually predict when the machine is to be maintained. If you are using periodic maintenance, you may end up maintaining equipment that does not need maintenance and end up wasting resources.

Porbeoi Emmanuel Dakore

University Graduate.

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