Job placement is a vital component of every DDR Programme like the PAP and accounts for the feasible aspect of sustainable reintegration.

The Job Placement and International Development Partners Engagement (JP-IDPE) was created in May 2018 to address the unemployment needs of PAP graduates and vocational skill trained beneficiaries.

The unit is saddled with the responsibility of partnering with International Development Agencies to implement programmes aimed at enabling complete reintegration into society and improving the standard of living of PAP delegates.

How to access the JP – IDPE services and Method of operation

The JP-IDPE Unit can be accessed via the PAP website, email:

Job vacancies are posted on the PAP Facebook page, with a link that directs them to the application portal/process. Interested delegates are advised to follow the instructions given.

To apply for jobs as a PAP EDUCATION GRADUATE, delegates are required to have the following credentials.

  1. Degree Certificate
  2. Updated CV/Resume
  • Cover letter for the job advertised.
  1. NYSC discharge certificate/exemption letter


  1. Exemption Letter: All delegates are advised to partake in the NYSC programme as this increases their chances of employment.
  2. Degree Conversion: Foreign degree holders are advised to visit the Federal Ministry of Education for their degree conversion. This is for easy understanding of their certificate grading.

Application requirement for VOCATION GRADUATES.

  1. Certified Training Certificate
  2. Application letter
  • Practical knowledge of the working being applied for

All applicants are advised that there are profiling/skill (pre-qualification) tests for all available job openings.

For internship applicants, there is an aptitude test for the selection process.