The Presidential Amnesty Office has adopted measures to stop the contentious and controversial verification of students under its scholarship Programme.
The Interim Administrator of PAP, Col. Milland Dikio, said in a statement on Wednesday that students verification should be a simple administrative procedure.
The new Amnesty Boss has thus directed the relevant departments especially the Reintegration Department to adopt measures to immediately address the recurring issues affecting students verification.
He instructed the supervising departments to direct affected students to swear to an affidavit to affirm their identities and courses of study in their respective institutions.
According to him, the heads of departments or deans of faculties would be required to endorse the affidavits with their signatures and stamps.
He said that copies of the completed documents should be forwarded by email to the Reintegration Department and his office to conclude the matter timely.
Col. Dikio who said that a Verification Team from the office would still be dispatched when the conditions are right to conduct a physical verification exercise, warned that the office would take punitive action against any student or institution found to have supplied false information.
He explained that the office had to take the above measures to prevent genuine students from needless suffering.
Col. Dikio noted that due to COVID 19 and the current unrest in the country, the PAP officials have not been able to do on the ground verification of the students.
He advised the students who claimed they could not go for the verification exercise to avail themselves of the above measures without delay.
He urged the students to cooperate with the management to ensure that the issues are resolved in a seamless manner.
Dibiaezue-Eke, Florence (Mrs)
Director, Information
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  • Noah

    How will Some of us in non-patnering public institutions get our School fees paid for alongside the stipend?.

  • Promise Christian

    What about those in non partnering institutions. How do we go about our verification exercise?

  • Nwaohiri Emmanuel

    How will register for this program
    Is the program on or will it commence in2021

    And am a student of the university of river state
    Thank you for understanding

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