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Dear Students,
Following the directive of the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, this is to inform every student that HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED by the PAP Caretaker Committee to individually depose to an AFFIDAVIT in court confirming the following:
1. That you are a bonafide beneficiary of the PAP Scholarship Programme.
2. That you are an existing student at the University in which you enrolled with your recent passport photograph, full names, Matriculation number, Course of study, Start and End dates of programme and last payment of In-Training-Allowance.
Thereafter, you are to send a copy of this affidavit to your Head of Department for endorsement.
Subsequently, you are to forward the affidavit to
Please note that the delay of payment of your allowances was because of the COVID-19 pandemic and change of leadership at the PAP Office. Also, the list of verified and not verified students shall be forwarded to the Universities in order for you to confirm your status.
If a student is found guilty of misrepresentation of facts, he or she shall face the full wrath of the Law.
Peter Ajube
Head, Amnesty Education
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