Subject: RE: PAP Scholarship Award for 2024/2025 Academic Session -The Facts

The Presidential Amnesty Programme’s scholarship scheme has undoubtedly been a major promoter for human capital development in the Niger Delta. The PAP under the

visionary leadership of Maj. Gen. Barry Ndiomu (rtd) mni, recently announced the commencement of applications for potential scholarship awardees for

the 2024/2025 academic session. The objective driving the construct of the terms and conditions associated with the current scholarship scheme are worthy to emphasize.

Therefore, it has become pertinent to re-echo the following:

.1 The PAP Scholarship is arguably one of the most robust educational sponsorship programs in Nigeria. The program provides opportunities for its beneficiaries in the best private and public institutions onshore and offshore.

2. The program fully covers expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, monthly In- training-Allowance (ITA) and book allowance. The cost of these expenses are constantly reviewed upwards by the various institutions, but the PAP, in spite of lean budgetary resources still ensures that it meets its obligations to sponsored beneficiaries as and when due.

3. In order to ensure qualitative output and maximise its returns on investment, the current PAP administration is determined to emphasize standards that encourage sponsored beneficiaries to strive for excellence and achieve greatness in life. The quality of what goes in determines the quality of what comes out.

4. The sponsorship criteria has been carefully designed to produce academic champions.

5. The PAP will only sponsor candidates who are found worthy in character and learning.

6. Note, at the end of the application process cycle i.e. shortlisting, testing and screening, successful candidates will be admitted into PAP partnering universities by September 2024.

.7 In light of the above, the PAP wishes to imploy all interested applicants and stakeholders to trust the process and position themselves appropriately to take advantage of this opportunity.

8. Thank you.

Freston Akpor

SA Media & Communications


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