1. Following an internal audit and verification exercise of the Presidential Amnesty programme (PAP) stipend payment list, a host of irregularities were noted. Prominent amongst these irregularities was the uncovering of PAP beneficiaries that had multiple accounts linked to a single Bank Verification Number (BVN). Consequently, the PAP implemented immediate suspension of all beneficiaries uncovered in this act from the stipend payment list pending conclusion of investigations.

2. In view of the foregoing, all PAP beneficiaries suspended from the stipend payment list as a result of the verification are hereby advised to visit the PAP Stipend Verification Portal (https://stver.osapnd.gov.ng/) to validate and link their BVNs to their personal bank account number for immediate payment. It is imperative to note that the PAP would not process stipend payment to multiple accounts linked to a single BVN.

3. Please, ensure strict compliance.


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