…Decorates two promoted military officers attached to PAP Abuja.

The Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Major-General Barry Tariye Ndiomu (retired) has implored Nigerians to always imbibe the spirit of hard work and meritorious service to fatherland in whatever they do. These are what the Nigerian Armed Forces represents, according to him.

Ndiomu spoke at the decoration ceremony held by PAP for two newly promoted senior military officers, who are attached to the agency, Major Chidiebere Emmanuel Anele and Lieutenant-Commander Samuel Oyintarela Fiyai. The two officers were promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and Commander of the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy, respectively.

The event that held at the PAP Conference Room was led by Ndiomu and graced by some serving and retired military officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces, children and family members of the promoted officers, management members and staff of PAP as well as the spouses of the promoted officers, who each assisted Ndiomu to decorate their respective husband.

Speaking, a visibly elated Ndiomu disclosed that the two officers were admitted into the Nigerian Armed Forces when he was serving as the Secretary of the Military Selection Board and hailed them as products of a thorough and meritorious selection process his board carried out in resistance of pressures to breach merit then.

Ndiomu said, “Today is a very unique day. It is a unique day in the sense that, for me, our two officers participated in the promotion process and were selected. I was the Secretary of the Military Selection Board when Major Anele was admitted. You can see why I am happy today. I am really not surprised that these gentlemen have been selected and promoted to the next rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and Commander.”

In another remark, Ndiomu recounted how his board resisted subtle pressures to dump merit.

“These officers are thorough-bred professionals. My only prayer is that your case will be different from mine. The sky should be your limit. I have no doubt that you deserve your promotion. I am personally proud. I can recall how somebody tried to displace merit. I refused. That strained my relationship with the person. I am happy today that these two gentlemen are the obvious results of merit.”

“We should always imbibe that spirit. That is what the Nigerian Armed Forces represents. We love our country. We love Nigerians. I am happy the Armed Forces rewarded them with promotion,” Ndiomu admonished before praying for the officers’ spouses for supporting their husbands with peace of mind.

The event soon dovetailed into further remarks, advice, suggestions and admonitions by guests.

In his remark, Major-General G. Obi (retired) urged the newly promoted officers to prepare for more responsibilities. “Every promotion comes with added responsibilities. You have to work hard and perform. You have to be more careful. Don’t be proud. The Armed Forces do not like pride. Be focus and work harder,” he said.

Brigadier-General J. O. Abasa (retired) advised, “You are privileged to be working under someone that is more demanding. Be more demanding of yourselves.”

For Colonel M. S. Amasu, “They do not need much advice from me since the I.A. was the Secretary of the Board then. He is a very thorough and diligent officer, who the new officers must have learnt from. Anele represents a gentleman officer; I have no doubt that he is an excellent officer.”

On the other hand, Ndiomu’s Chief of Staff, Mr. E. Bel-Gam, charged the two promoted officers to continue to show commitment to their profession and service to fatherland and PAP as their impressive Curriculum Vitae portrays them.

Others who made remarks include: the PAP Director of Finance and Administration, Alhaji Abubakar Diko as well as the PAP Head of Administration, Mrs. Khalimat Balogun (HRM).

The event ended with a vote of thanks delivered on behalf of his colleague by Lt-Col. Anele, followed by group photographs and light refreshment.

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