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Delta State

Delta State comprises of mainly Igbo (Anioma people), Urhobo, Isoko, Ijaw and Itsekiri. The whole ethnic groups in the state are grouped into three senatorial districts namely Delta North, Delta South and Delta Central for easy administrative purposes.

The state borders Edo, Ondo , Imo, Rivers, Anambra and Bayelsa states. In the south west and south it has approximately 122 kilometres of coastline bounded by the Bight of Benin on the Atlantic Ocean.

Delta State is ethnically diverse with peoples and numerous languages spoken in the state. The Delta North is Igbo region, the Delta Central and Delta South is made up of Urhobo, Ijaw, Isoko, and Itsekiri. These groups are known to inter-marry. Most inhabitants of the state practice Christianity, Islam, or traditional faiths.

The capital city is Asaba, located at the northern end of the state, with an estimated area of 762 square kilometres (294 sq mi). While Ogwashi-Uku has the biggest land space for any industry, Warri located in the southern end of the state is the economic nerve and is the most populated.

There are various solid mineral deposits in the state – industrial clay, silica, lignite, kaolin, tar sand, decorative rocks, limestone, etc. These are raw materials for industries such as brick making, ceramics, bottle manufacturing, glass manufacturing, chemical/insulators production, chalk manufacturing and sanitary wares, decorative stone cutting and quarrying.

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